How It Works

1.  Gather your ideas & fill-out our Wedding Stationary Worksheet. It is designed to help you gather your thoughts to make your first consultation as productive as possible.The more ideas the better!

2.   Make an appointment for a free phone or in-person consultation "tea party".

3.   At our consultation we will review your ideas & mock up versions of your wedding stationary. Over tea we will look at designs, templates, play with "what-ifs", colors & themes - being ever-conscious of your budget. You will get to touch and compare samples from all of the mediums Pa-py-ri offers. 

Pa-py-ri's Wedding Package Pricing

Individual Item Pricing Sheet

4.   Approximately 10 days later you will receive  mock-ups to look through, as well as paper samples & a quote estimating your total cost. It is at this time when we will review Pa-py-ri's contract & discuss your down payment. 

5.   When you feel confident you are ready to take the next step, set up our second consultation. Please keep in mind – colors, fonts, spacing, size – everything is open to editing! At our second consultation tea party we will work to solidify the final product.
We will agree on a timetable, ensuring your items are the right hands on time! 

6. Each product you order is allowed a “final consultation”. If you are ready to order your invitations now, but want to wait a couple months for your place cards & thank you’s, we can meet regarding those items at a later date. 

7. After the “final consultation” you are allowed two “virtual edits” (you will receive screen shots) per item. 

8. As the last step, you will receive hard copies of your completed items. Once you sign off on the final versions, the full payment of your order will be due. Most orders take approximately one month to complete.

At Pa-py-ri nothing goes to print without your 100% satisfaction.

       Lucky for us, nothing is set in stone & we vow to do everything in our power to make your imagination come to life!